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The Shiras Planetarium is desperately in need of technology upgrades. We have not had digital projection since 2014. We are focusing our fundraising efforts on returning digital projection to this space. This would include the purchase of two high quality digital projectors(two work together to create a high quality image), new computers and control systems, and the purchase of updated software and content for use with classes and audiences.

The level of quality we get will depend on funds raised. High quality solutions range in price from $250,000-$600,00. We have raised about $107,500 so far, most of which has come from the Shiras Institute.

Marquette Area Public Schools is committed to spending at least $100,000 on these upgrades. In addition, every dollar raised in the planetarium stays in the planetarium. We are seeking public partners to join us in our mission to offer high quality S.T.E.A.M. programming to our entire community for years to come.

The Shiras Planetarium is a part of Marquette Area Public Schools, a non-profit organization under IRS code 107. Donations can be made on this page. If you prefer, checks can be written to “Marquette Area Public Schools” with “Shiras Planetarium” listed on the memo line. You can mail your donation to the Shiras Planetarium at 1203 W. Fair Avenue, Marquette, MI 49855.

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Thank you for your support! See you under the stars or lasers!