Online Tickets | FAQ


How do I get to the Shiras Planetarium?

For driving directions via Google Maps, please click here.

Use the new entrance (marked #11) of the Auxiliary Gymnasium at MSHS to enter. Doors open 15 minutes before show start. No late entry.

You can see our schedule and get tickets for all of our events by clicking here.

Are tickets transferable?

Yes! Feel free to pass your scannable tickets on to someone else or give them the name you ordered them under and we’ll be able to look them up at the door.

Are tickets refundable?

No, we do not offer refunds. However, tickets are transferable to someone else.

Am I required to print out my tickets or pull them up on my phone?

Nope! It helps us speed up the check-in process if you do. However, we are also able to look up tickets by the name you ordered them under at the door.

Ticket Tailor

What is Ticket Tailor?

Ticket Tailor is a user-friendly online ticketing platform that makes it easy for professionals to organize events and sell tickets online. You can learn more about Ticket Tailor by clicking here.

How does Ticket Tailor use my personal information?

You can read about the types of information collected by Ticket Tailor and how they use it to serve you by clicking here.

Recurring Customers

How do I avoid retyping my information every time?

Unfortunately this is not available as part of the Ticket Tailor checkout process. However, it is possible to configure your browser to do this for you. Please select your browser from the list below to be taken to their official help article on how to configure auto-fill functionality.

Search Engines & Map Providers

Why are the listed open hours incomplete and/or inaccurate?

Due to our unique show scheduling, we’re unable to provide search engines and map providers with consistent open hours. If we appear as either “closed” or “24/7”, please disregard this information and refer to our show information page, there you’ll find our monthly calendar which includes show details, such as our availability.

What if the listed information appears to have an error or is missing something?

Please let us know by filling out our contact form here. We’ll do our best to make sure this listed information is always updated and accurate.