Become a Main Sequence Partner ($5,000)

Most stars in the universe fall under the main sequence category, which is what most picture when they hear the word “star.” Fusion has commenced and the star officially begins to shine!

By becoming a Main Sequence Partner, you will contribute significantly to our renovation and shine a bright light on our goals!

Main Sequence Partner Perks:

    • Choose which constellation your star is within! We will assign your name, business name, or beneficiary name to a star in the constellation of your choice within the “Shiras Planetarium Digital Universe,” and it will be featured more prominently.


    • Your name will be displayed on our website’s page of Main Sequence Partners.


    • You will be recognized at our re-opening ceremony, both verbally and in print, to be held after the completion of the universe project.


    • You will receive an exclusive Shiras Planetarium vinyl sticker and a t-shirt to show your support.


    • Upon completion of the universe project, you can also download/print off a digital certificate highlighting your star and commemorating your contribution.