Become a Supergiant Partner ($25,000)

Supergiant’s are a rare and spectacular sight in the universe, being some of the largest and brightest stars known to us. Likewise, donors at this level can have a profound impact on our planetarium. Your generous donation can help us upgrade our seating or install new lighting.

By becoming a Supergiant Partner, you’ll be playing a crucial role in the planetarium’s growth and sustainability, both now and for the next fifteen years.

Supergiant Partner Perks:

    • You get to choose any star you want within our “Shiras Planetarium Digital Universe,” and your name will be featured!


    • Your name and logo will be featured on our website’s page of Supergiant Partners and on a plaque in the hallway of the planetarium’s entrance.


    • You will be recognized at our re-opening ceremony, both verbally and in print, to be held after the completion of the universe project.


    • You will receive an exclusive Shiras Planetarium vinyl sticker, two t-shirts, and four free passes per month to any of our shows for one year.


    • Upon completion of the universe project, you’ll also be able to download/print off a digital certificate that highlights your star and commemorates your contribution.